Installation Info


Installation of timber floors can easily be fitted to any home or office whether the substrate floor is timber or concrete. There are different methods of Installation of timber over concrete. To know which is best for your floor to make it more durable and which one may have the right give under your feet could be Plywood, Batten or Direct Glue.  We can talk through the 3 different ways with you to determine which method maybe the best for your home or workplace.


We use a four step method , First we do a levelling sand where we cross the floorboards this is with a 40 or less grit paper, then we staight grain or end to end sand with 80 and above paper and then the finish sand we use a Circular Polyvac motion machine. In between coats we burnish sand the floor, these steps ensure that the floor is sanded to perfection.


The final preparation of your timber floorboards is the KEY to achieving that wow factor in your home or commercial building. The amount of traffic and the way the floor is used helps you determine what type of finish is applied to your timber floor. All finishes are applied in 3 coats and each product has it's own advantages. Solvent Based Polyurethane and Water Based Polyurethane are available in Matt, Satin & Gloss and Tung/Modified Oil is available in Satin & Gloss. These are the main three finishes that are available.

Alternative Finishes

As well as the above three main finishes other available products are natural oils and waxes. These finishes give a matt sheen look to the floorboards. The alternative finishes have a higher material cost as well as a higher labour cost because they are more labor intensive.

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